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Name Designation Specialisation Experience Detail
Dr. Neel Kanth Grover Director Heat Transfer, Modelling & Simulation, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Computer Programming 26 years Profile
Dr. Mukta Sharma Campus Incharge Geology, Geotechnical, Remote Sensing and GIS 12 years Profile
Dr. Gurkirpal Singh Assistant Professor Architectural Design, Urban Planning and Civil 22 Years Profile
Dr. Neeru Singla Assistant Professor Civil Structures 15 years Profile
Dr. Md. Fuzail Jawaid Assistant Professor Architectural Design & Building Construction 12 years Profile
Ar. Damandeep Kaur Assistant Professor Construction Management, Vernacular and Low cost Architecture 10 Years Profile
Ar. Jyoti Singh Assistant Professor Architectural Education and Research, Sustainable Architecture 5 Years Profile


Visting Faulty:

Name Designation Specialisation Experience
Ar. Jit Kumar Gupta Visiting Faculty Architectural Education, Urban Planning, , Policy Planning, Legal Framework, Green and Sustainable built environment 50 years
Ar. Ranjeet Kaur Visiting Faculty Sustainability 36 years
Ar. Preeti Gupta Bhatia Visiting Faculty Hill Architecture , Architecture Education & Theory of Design 35 years
Ar. Shakti Visiting Faculty Construction Technology & Management 18 Years
Ar. Shikha Aggarwal Visiting Faculty   18 years
Ar. Kanika Visiting Faculty Sustainability 05 years
Ar. Komal Visiting Faculty Architecture Education and Research 03 years


Patents Granted:


Title of Invention Patent Number/ Application No. Inventor
Kaur’s Energy Efficiency Design Discs 303110 Dr.Prabhjot Kaur
A system for generation and optimization of bioenergy in diesel generator for rural electrification using artificial neural network”(ANN) 21/2019 Dr. Neeru Singla


Projects Undertaken by Faculty:


Project Title Sanctioned Amount Funding Agency Principal Investigator
‘Large scale Geological –Geotechnical Mapping of Vulnerable landslide zones along Srinagar to Rudraprayag National Highway, Uttrakhand’ 20,60,000 DST Dr. Mukta Sharma


Academic Achievements and Awards Won by Faculty:

 (Prominent ones)

  • Mukta Sharma won the Best Paper Award in Dec 2017 at 4th Indian Landslide Congress, held on 8-9 December 2017 at IIT, Bombay.
  • Mukta Sharma, Nominated as member of DST member expert for an exclusive program for women scientist in the field of geospatial technology.


Faculty Participation/Paper Presentation in Conferences:

  1. Kaur Prabhjot (2018) Invited Talk, “Architectural Design: Research to Reality” presented at M.M. School of Architecture, MM University, Ambala.
  2. Sharma Mukta (2017 Invited Talk, “Natural Hazards and Geospatial technologies” presented at International conference on Interdisciplinary research in Humanitarian technology, at Sri Sai Institutes, Pathankot, Punjab, India
  3. Sharma Mukta (2017),“Geomorphic indices and active tectonics interpretation –a case study of Sirsa River basin, NW Himalayas” presented at International conference on Interdisciplinary research in Humanitarian technology, at Sri Sai Institutes, Pathankot, Punjab, India
  4. Sharma Mukta (2016), “Environmental appraisal of Globalization in India” presented at, seminar on 25 Years of Globalisation: Impact on Indian Economy’ organized by Indraprastha University, New Delhi.
  5. Pillai Sangeeth (2017), “Unlearning an aesthetic conditioning: Rethinking design education and construction of aesthetics in the post globalization era” presented at Thanima: A quest for authenticity a conference of contextuality in architectureat Department of Architecture, NIT Calicut.
  6. Pillai Sangeeth (2017), “Bamboo as a material in the age of digitalpresented at Bamboo Workshop architecture, Jamia Millia Islamia New Delhi.
  7. Pillai Sangeeth (2017), “Reviving Vastushastra: Correlations with the ‘new sciences’ and possible approaches for adaptation of its core principles to contemporary practice” presented at International Conference on Raja Bhojat Bhopal, M.P. India.
  8. Pillai Sangeeth (2018), “Reviving Sulbasutras: Integrating the heritage of Design Representation and geometric construction in Vedic India into Pedagogy of Design and Design history” presented at 3rd World Congress on Vedic Sciences, Deccan College Pune.


Faculty Publications:

  • Kaur, Prabhjot (2018),Learning from Planning And Designing of Havelis of Malwa Region of Punjab as a role model of sustainable Built Environment”, International Journal of Research and Analytical reviews, Vol. 5, Issue 01, pp 28-34.(Author: Dhot Bhupinder, Co-author: Gupta, Jit kumar)
  • Kaur, Prabhjot (2018), “Havelis in the state of Punjab – A climate responsive habitat.” IJRAR, 5 issue 01. pp. 248-255.(Author: Dhot, Bhupinder)
  • Kaur, Prabhjot (2017),A Study of Architectural Education in India: A Critical Review”, Interdisciplinary Research for Sustainable Development, V Special Issue I, ISSN- 2320 – 2653.(Author: Garg, Kanchan)
  • Kaur, Prabhjot (2017), Thermal Performance of a Building Envelope – An evaluative approach”, International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews, ISSN:2349-5138.(Author: Kaur, Jatinder, Co-author: Aggarwal, Sanjay)
  • Kaur, Prabhjot (2017), Integration of Energy Efficiency in Early Design Stage – Architect’s Perspective”, International Journal of scientific Research in Science & Technology, ISSN:2395-6011.(Author: Kaur, Jatinder, Co-author: Aggarwal, Sanjay)
  • Sharma, Mukta (2016), “Air Quality In Developing Cities of Punjab”, International Journal of Management and Applied Science (IJMAS), Volume-2, Issue-6. (Author: Singh, Dapinderdeep)


 Workshops/FDP/Summer School/Winter School/Refresher Course attended:

  • Prabhjot Kaur, participated in “Workshop on Exploring Auroville Architecture” held at Auroville (October 22-25, 2017).
  • Mukta Sharma, participated in “Workshop on `Utilisation of Saraswati Palaeochannel Maps for Ground Water Exploration” organised by RRSC Jodhpur, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) (August 29-30, 2017).
  • Sangeeth Pillai, participated in “Short term training on Vastushastra in Design Application” at CoA Training and Research Cell Headquarters Pune (March 19-23, 2018).
  • Jyoti Singh, participated in “Short term course on Built Environment & Sustainability” organized by DECRUST Murthal (August 2017).